Friday, 20 July 2007


I watched the new Disney Pixar's animated flim last night, Ratatouille... and boy it was nice!!! So cute...I would not mind to watch it the 2nd round. The storyline is wonderful...not boring...and some how vry close in our life. I would strongly recommend anyone to watch this film. I would want to say too much about the story......Go watch it yourselves!!

Thursday, 12 July 2007

:p **Moving Woes** :p

Weee....Today I'm going back to my parents' home to bring back more of my stuff. I have so much stuff, that I havn't really find a place for them in my new home. But I have to "see" how many stuff I have so that I can decide wat storage to get in order to keep them in place....

Huuummmppphhh.......Let me go thru the list....
1) Books
2) CDs
3) Albums of stamps
4) More clothings
5) More cosmetics
6) My "Bao Bei"
7) Mini sewing machine
8) DVD player
9) VCR
10) Keyboard?

Aiyah! Still so many!..... Have started moving my stuff for about 1 mth....but still so many... :p

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

~~~ YAWN ~~~

Yesterday, I was extremely exhausted....seems that my energy had been sucked wat...i dunno....juz plain tired.... ~~~YAWN~~~ not even 3 cups of black coffee can keep me up.

I have recently updated the ETC. section of my blog with a Sudoku widget, thanks to Blogger Templates.

Thursday, 5 July 2007


These few weeks I have been having too much good food.....this is beacause there are many fello Cancerian birthdays.. think this feasting will only this end of the month...Haiz.... Bye Bye slimming plans... I try as much as possible to go burn fats on weekends... try lah... but no compromise.. ;p

Some time later, I will fix all blogging to my blogger and only keep my photos in MSN live space... then I would only have to maintain juz this blog site...

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